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Dine​-In,​ Pick-Up, Delivery! 

              Hard bubble tea is available now!

                                                      Vegan and vegetarian options are available by phone or on-site only!


Online Order

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We stop accepting Online Orders a half hour ahead of our regular close time, but you can order by phone if kitchen is still open at that time . If you need delivery service, please visit "delivery" page to order food! Thanks!

        We offer special deals every day 


1. Fried Rice and Fried 5 pieces of chicken $15

2. Smoked Oyster Fried  $16.25

(Beef, Shrimp and Smoked Oyster Fried Rice.)

3. Thai Fried Rice w/Beef Sticks  $14.25

(Fried Rice, Eggroll, Cream Cheese Wonton and Beef Sticks.)

4 Thai Fried Rice w/Fried Chicken  $14.25

(Fried Rice, Eggroll, Cream Cheese Wonton and Chicken Sings.)

5. Pork Chop Platter Special  $14.00

(Pork Chop Platter with an Eggroll and Wonton.)


These are special mixed dishes. You can not see it in the menu!